Scottish Cup

 The Scottish Cup is an annual knockout football competition in Scotland. It was first held in 1873 and is the oldest national cup competition of its kind. The tournament is open to all clubs with full membership of the Scottish Football Association (SFA).

Every year, around 150 teams compete for a place in the final which takes place at Hampden Park, Glasgow - usually on a Saturday during May or June. All rounds prior to this are played over two legs and any ties that can’t be decided after normal time go into extra time or even penalties if needed. The current holders are Celtic FC who won their sixteenth title last season by beating Hearts 2-1 in the Final.
The Scottish Cup is the most prestigious domestic cup competition in Scotland and one of the oldest football tournaments in the world. It has been held since 1873 and is open to any club who are members of The Scottish Football Association. Each year, teams from all over Scotland compete for a chance to lift this coveted trophy.

With its long history, it's no surprise that winning the Scottish Cup is seen as an incredible honour by many clubs, players and fans alike!

What are the 3 Scottish Cups?

The three Scottish Cups are the oldest national cups in the world. The first cup was created in 1873 and is called the Scottish Football Association (SFA) Cup. It is a knockout tournament that includes teams from all levels of Scottish football, including those from non-league sides.

The second cup, known as the League Cup, was introduced in 1947 to provide top flight clubs with an additional opportunity for silverware. Finally, there's the Challenge Cup which began life as the Forfarshire Cup way back in 1876 and has since grown into a major competition involving teams from both Scotland and Northern Ireland. All three cups are fiercely contested by clubs across Scotland each year, providing drama throughout their respective tournaments before one team can eventually emerge triumphant!

Is the Scottish Cup the Oldest in the World?

The Scottish Cup is renowned for being the oldest national football cup competition in the world. The first ever edition of the tournament was held in 1873 and since then it has grown to become one of Scotland’s most prestigious sporting events, attracting millions of viewers from around the globe each year. The cup's longevity can be attributed to its traditional nature which has stayed true over time; teams from all levels of Scottish football compete to win a piece of history as they battle through rounds that are typically played on a home-and-away basis.

It's not just about winning either – taking part in such an iconic event brings with it immense pride for players and fans alike. In addition, there is also a financial reward for those who progress further into the competition as prize money increases throughout each round. This adds another layer to what already makes this unique tournament so special: its ability to bring together people from different cultures, backgrounds and walks of life under one common goal - victory!

What are the Scottish Cup Dates?

The Scottish Cup is one of the most prestigious and historic football competitions in the world. The tournament dates back to 1873, when it was first competed for by teams from Scotland's top professional league and has continued to be a major part of Scottish football ever since. This year, the competition will kick off on Saturday 11th August 2018 with the First Round stage.

Thereafter, Second Round matches are scheduled for Saturday 8th September 2018, Third Round ties are set for Saturday 6th October 2018 and Fourth Round fixtures take place on Saturday 3rd November 2018. The Quarter Finals will then follow on Sunday 2nd December 2018 before Semi Final action takes place over two days - Friday 29th March 2019 and Saturday 30th March 2019 - at Hampden Park in Glasgow. Finally, after all that excitement comes the showpiece event itself: The Scottish Cup Final which is due to take place on Saturday 25 May 2019 at Hampden Park Stadium in Glasgow!

So if you're a fan of Scottish football or just want an exciting day out watching some great players battle it out for this highly sought-after trophy then make sure you get your tickets early as these dates promise to bring plenty of drama!

Who is in the Scottish Cup Final 2023?

The 2023 Scottish Cup Final is sure to be a thrilling match, with two of the most storied teams in Scotland competing for one of the country's greatest prizes. The final will feature Celtic and Rangers, who have both won numerous league titles and cups over the years. This year’s matchup holds special significance as it marks the first time since 1887 that these two rivals will face each other in a cup final clash.

Both sides are determined to take home silverware after a tumultuous few years where they’ve gone head-to-head on multiple occasions without either side managing to get their hands on any silverware. With so much riding on this match, expect plenty of tension and drama when these two giants go up against each other at Hampden Park Stadium on May 21st 2023!

Scottish Cup Quarter-Final Draw 2023

The 2023 Scottish Cup Quarter-Final Draw took place on Monday, March 14th. Eight teams were drawn to compete in the quarterfinals: Rangers FC, Celtic FC, Aberdeen FC, Hibernian FC, Motherwell FC, Hearts of Midlothian FC, St Johnstone FC and Dundee United. The draw sees two all-Old Firm clashes with Rangers vs Celtic and Hibs vs Hearts set for the last eight.

The ties are scheduled to take place over the weekend of April 2nd - 4th with kick off times still to be confirmed.

Scottish Fa Cup

The Scottish FA Cup is the oldest national football tournament in the world, having been established in 1873. It is open to all senior teams registered with the Scottish Football Association and provides a great opportunity for smaller teams to make their mark on Scotland's footballing map. The cup final traditionally takes place at Hampden Park in Glasgow every May, where two competing sides battle it out for glory and silverware.


In conclusion, the Scottish Cup is one of the most prestigious and exciting competitions in sport. It has a long history and heritage, with some incredible moments that have been forever etched into the memories of football fans around the world. The competition brings together teams from all over Scotland for an intense battle to become champions.

With each passing season, new stories are written as another team joins their names in the list of winners. Whether you're a fan or not, it's hard not to get excited about this iconic tournament!

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