Irish Cup

The Irish Cup is a football tournament that has been played in Northern Ireland since 1881. It is the third oldest national cup competition after the Scottish and English FA Cups. The tournament involves clubs from all levels of the Northern Irish Football League system, including professional teams from both leagues (Premiership and Championship), as well as amateur sides from across the country.

Currently, it operates on a one-year rolling basis with 132 teams participating in total at various stages of entry before reaching its climax at Windsor Park Stadium in Belfast. Teams can enter either by invitation or through their league position, meaning each season’s winners become eligible to defend their title year-on-year until they are eventually knocked out or win multiple years consecutively. The winner receives a trophy known as ‘the Irish Cup’ which was first presented to Linfield FC following their victory over Cliftonville FC in 1883 – making them the most successful team in terms of titles won with 44 overall!
The Irish Cup is the oldest football competition in Ireland, having been running since 1881. It is a knockout tournament open to teams from both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, with the winner qualifying for UEFA competitions. Over its long history, it has seen some remarkable matches and produced some memorable winners, including Linfield FC who have won it 44 times.

The 2020/21 season promises to be an exciting one as teams battle it out for a place in European competition and glory in this historic cup competition.

What is the Irish Cup?

The Irish Cup is a prestigious football tournament held in Ireland annually. It is the oldest national cup competition in the world and dates back to 1883 when it was first contested by four teams, Cliftonville, Glenavon, Knockbreda and Ulster. The Cup has been played every year since then except during World War II when no games were played between 1940-1945.

Each season, more than 300 clubs compete for the trophy with only one victor crowned at the end of each campaign. The tournament format consists of several rounds culminating in a two-legged final usually held at Windsor Park or Dalymount Park stadiums with the winners being awarded both prize money and entry into European competitions such as UEFA Champions League or Europa League depending on their performance throughout the season. Additionally, winning clubs are presented with a replica of ‘the old pot’ which symbolises all that comes with lifting this historic trophy – glory, pride and excitement for players and fans alike!

Where Can I Watch the Irish Cup?

If you’re looking to watch the Irish Cup, then your best bet is online streaming services. The Irish Cup is broadcasted by major networks such as Sky Sports and ESPN so if you have a subscription for either of these you can catch all the action from anywhere in the world. If not, there are many other options available that offer live streaming of matches with no added cost.

Many websites provide free streams that allow viewers access to all types of sporting events including international football tournaments like the Irish Cup. These sites usually require registration but it’s easy enough and simple enough process – after which you can enjoy top quality coverage without ever leaving your house!

What is the Irish League Trophy Called?

The Irish League trophy is officially known as the Gibson Cup, and it is awarded to the winners of the top division of football in Northern Ireland. The cup was donated by Sir Thomas Hanson Gibson in 1923, who was a former President of Belfast Celtic Football Club. It has been presented to each season's champions since 1924 and holds great historical significance for teams across Northern Ireland.

Every team that has won the league title since its inception have had their name engraved on the silverware, making it an iconic symbol for all competitors involved in this championship competition from amateur clubs up through professional sides. The Gibson Cup stands over two feet high and weighs around 8 pounds – its body made from polished silver with gold handles at either side. It is an impressive sight when lifting or parading such a prestigious piece of sporting history!

How Old is the Fai Cup?

The Football Association of Ireland (FAI) Cup is one of the oldest and most prestigious competitions in Irish football. Established in 1921, it is now entering its 100th year of competition. The cup has been won by some of the biggest names in Irish football such as Shelbourne, Shamrock Rovers and Dundalk over its long history.

It remains one of the most sought after trophies for any team competing in top division Irish football, with teams from all over Ireland taking part each season. The FAI Cup also serves as a great opportunity for lower division sides to make their mark against bigger opponents and even reach the final stages on occasion. As it approaches its centenary year, we can only look forward to more thrilling matches that will no doubt produce many memorable moments for fans across Ireland.

Irish Cup Semi Final Dates 2023

The 2023 Irish Cup Semi Final dates have been announced! The first semi-final will take place on Saturday 3rd June, with the second match taking place a week later on Saturday 10th June. Both matches are set to be held at Glentoran's ground in Belfast, and should provide exciting entertainment for all football fans.

All eyes will be on these two matches as the teams battle it out for a spot in the final of this prestigious tournament.

Northern Ireland Cup Results

The Northern Ireland Cup is one of the most prestigious football tournaments in the region and has been running since 1881. In recent years, Linfield FC have dominated the competition, winning eight titles in total. The 2020/21 season saw Coleraine FC crowned champions after a thrilling 5-4 win over Larne FC in the final at Windsor Park Stadium.

This was their first ever title success and marked an historic moment for both club and country alike.

Fai Cup

The FAI Cup is the national football cup competition in Ireland, run by and named after the Football Association of Ireland. First contested in 1922, it is the oldest domestic association football cup competition in the country. The tournament consists of a series of single-elimination games culminating with a two-legged final played between two teams from either side of the Irish border.

Previous winners include big clubs such as Shamrock Rovers, Bohemians and Cork City, as well as smaller sides such as Longford Town and Limerick FC.

Irish Fa

The Irish Football Association, commonly known as the IFA, is the governing body for association football in Northern Ireland. Founded in 1880, it is one of the oldest national football associations in Europe and currently oversees clubs at all levels of competition across Northern Ireland. The IFA are responsible for organizing competitions such as the Irish Cup and NIFL Premiership, while also running coaching programs to develop local talent.

Northern Ireland League Cup Table

The Northern Ireland League Cup Table is currently topped by Linfield FC who have collected a total of seven titles since the competition began in 2013. They are closely followed by Crusaders FC and Cliftonville FC with three titles each, while GlenavonFC, Coleraine and Ards each have one title to their name. The current season has seen some exciting matches already with teams vying for the top spot at the table.


The Irish Cup is a unique and exciting event that celebrates the culture and heritage of Ireland. It has been held annually since 1792, offering competitors from around the world an opportunity to participate in a unique tournament with its own rules and regulations. The Irish Cup is more than just a competition; it's about celebrating the country's history, culture, music, dance, food and much more.

With its rich history and vibrant spirit of camaraderie among competitors, it's no wonder why this sporting event continues to bring together people from all walks of life every year. Whether you're looking for an exciting competition or simply want to experience something truly special in Ireland, the Irish Cup should be on your list!

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